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The holy Britannian Empire has conquered a large area of the world, including Japan. Britannia has renamed Japan as Area 11, and the Japanese are to be called Elevens. Some of the Japanese people have accepted this, but others have rebelled. This story begins with a young Britannian student named Lelouch Lamperouge, who was once, with his sister Nunally, a son to the Britannian Emperor, but their mother was killed and they were forgotten and pronounced dead. They now live inside their school, Ashford Academy, while only a select few know their true identity. Lelouch hopes that one day there will be a world where him and his sister can live peacefully, not worry about war, or their secret. One day, while Lelouch and his friend, Rivalz Cardemonde, were driving home on Rivalz motorcycle, they got into an accident causing the truck to crash. Lelouch went to check on them, when suddenly the truck began to move again, with Lelouch stuck inside. The truck was being chased by the military, and lelouch saw a red haired girl run to a gun and started to shoot at the military. He realized that they were Japanese rebelling against Britannia. The truck was carrying stolen cargo. He thought that was the reason they were being chased. When the truck stopped, the military thought Lelouch was apart of the rebelling, and were going to shoot him, until a man around Lelouch's age stepped forward. They recognized each. This man was Suzaku Kururugi, a Lelouch's first and best friend when they were young. He vouched for Lelouch, but the commander didn't listen, and shot Suzaku. Then a green haired girl came out of the stolen package. She was quickly shot in the head , and Lelouch believed he was going to die, but then, the green haired girl got up and asked Lelouch if he wanted power. the power to save himself. The power to save Nunally, and he answered yes. The girl then looked into Lelouch's eyes and Lelouch started to see strange things, and when he snapped out of it, the girl was gone. he felt different somehow, like he had power now. Then a symbol appeared in his eye and he commanded all the soldiers in the room to kill themselves, and they did. Lelouch declared that he would use this power to create a world in which Nunally can live peacefully. He then took over a soldier's robot, called a Knightmare, and contacted the rebelling Japanese. He said he would lead them to victory. He began to tell them all sorts of maneuvers and strategies to take down the opposing military. Lelouch lead them to victory over the Britannian military and declared his name to be Zero.


Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is a high school student who only wants one thing, for him and his sister Nunally, to live peacefully, and not worry about anyone finding out their secret. Lelouch and Nunally's mother was killed, and they were left to fend for themselves, with their friend Suzaku, who's father was also killed. Lelouch believes his father was responsible for the death of his mother, so he plans to kill the Britannian Emperor. Lelouch is bestowed with the power of Geass, a mysterious thing that give him the ability to tell anyone what to do, and they would do it, ut this can only work once on a person. After Lelouch helped the rebelling Japanese, he declared himself as Zero, and from that
Lelouch as Zero
group of Japanese, created the Order of the Black Knights, an organization that not only opposes the Britannian Empire, but all oppressors, as they demonstrated by taking down a Japanese group that were killing Britannian hostages, that were helpless. Lelouch wanted to reconstruct the world for his sister, but when Princess Euphemia, a Princess to Britannia, Lelouch's step-sister, and the lover of Suzaku, found out his identity, and decided to create a place in Britannia where the Japanese can call themselves Japanese, and Britannia would live together with them, Lelouch didn't want to have a new world created that way. Euphemia thought that she was helping, by creating that place, so Lelouch and Nunally wouldn't have to hide anymore. Lelouch realized that if his dreams were created by someone else, the world would have no more use for the Black Knights or Zero, so at the day when thousands of Japanese gathered to celebrate the creation of the new Japan, Zero went to stop her. Zero requested him and Euphemia to be alone so they could talk, but Euphemia convinced Lelouch to accept it. Lelouch and her shook hands and decided to create new Japan together. Lelouch told her that he could have gotten his way, by using Geass. He said he could have told her to kill all the Japanese, and she would have had to done it, but at that moment, Lelouch's Geass became uncontrollable and it was on when he said that. Euphemia grabbed Lelouch's gun and and ran outside to all the Japanese. She told the Britannian military there to kill all the Japanese as she shot an old Japanese man. The military got in their Knightmares and began to murder all the Japanese there. Lelouch couldn't believe what he had done. The only thing he could do was to tell the Black Knights to kill Euphemia.

Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi is an honorary member of Britannia. His father was a man of high power in Japan, but when Suzaku was little we learn that he killed his father. Suzaku met Lelouch and Nunally when they were kids, before Lelouch's mother was killed. Suzaku met Lelouch again when Lelouch was mistaken for a Japanese rebel. Suzaku vouched for him, but was shot by the commander. Suzaku was unharmed and taken to the Britannia medical bay. At the same time a Britannian scientist just made a new level of Knightmare, called the Lancelot. Britannia didn't know if the thing was safe to use, so they decided to use an honorary Britannian as a guinea pig, which was Suzaku. He showed masterful pilot skills as he quickly took down multiple Knightmares against the Black Knights. His piloting
Suzaku and Euphemia
skills got him into the Knights of Round, which only the best Knightmare pilots of Britannia can enter. When everyone found out a Japanese person was piloting an advanced, Britannian Knightmare, they were stunned and the Britannians were disgusted. Lelouch was especially shocked to see that he was fighting his best friend this whole time. Euphemia didn't judge Suzaku, and even made him her knight, a special privelage in which the knight of a noble must protect and follow that noble by any means necessary. Suzaku and Euphemia began to love each other., but Suzaku was stunned and would not believe that Euphemia would order the murders of all the Japanese. After Euphemia was shot, he took her to the medical bay, and she awoke to Suzaku. She asked Suzaku if she succeeded, and if her plan for everyone to live together worked out. He responded by telling her that it did work, everyone is now peacefully living together, and that she had brought peace to the world. Euphemia said "Oh thank god", and she died holding Suzaku's hand. Suzaku now knew that Zero was responsible for what happened and he vowed to bring Zero to justice. Later, Suzaku faced Zero and shot off his mask, and and saw Lelouch's, his best friend's face. He asked why he did what he did, and how could he have done what he did to Euphemia. They continued to talk and yell, until they both pulled out a gun, and they both shot and missed. Suzaku ran and took Lelouch down. He then turned him in to the Britannian Emperor. There, Lelouch's memory was wiped.

Lelouch and Suzaku's Plan for a New World

After Lelouch regained his memory, leadership of the Black Knights, and his second identity of Zero, the Schneizel, the second in command of Britannia and Lelouch's step-brother, told the Black Knights about Lelouch's identity, and the power of Geass. The Black Knights no longer trusted Zero and betrayed him. Lelouch accepted their betrayal and his death, because he believed that Nunally was dead. Then, Rolo, Lelouch's fake brother, who had a Geass power to stop time, saved him, killing himself in the process. Lelouch then went to the world of Geass to confront his father. There, he found out that his mother wasn't dead, but was conspiring with his father to create a new world without lies. Lelouch, Suzaku, and C2, the woman who gave Lelouch the Geass, were all there to hear his parents plan. Lelouch responded to this plan by saying the world needs lies to move forward, and for tomorrow to come. Lelouch used his Geass on the thoughts of mankind to get rid of his father and mother, and their plan. One month had passed after the world had seen Zero, or the Britannian Emperor. At the announcing of the new Emperor, Lelouch walked out, and sat in the new Emperor's chair, declaring himself as Emperor. Suzaku then appeared, and was pronounced as Lelouch's knight. After awhile of Lelouch's rule he put mostly everyone in Britannia under the control of Geass. He was reshaping Britannia. Some people in the Black Knights trusted him, but when Lelouch requested that Britannia become apart of the UFN, people had doubts. At the conference, Lelouch betrayed the trust of the world and had Suzaku appear in the Lancelot to threaten the representatives of the world to have things his way. Then, Schneizel confronted Lelouch and said he was not suited to be Emperor, but a certain person was. Then, Nunally appeared on the screen, and declared Lelouch and Suzaku as her enemies. There was on final battle between Lelouch and Britannia, and Schneizel and the Black Knights. Schneizel had a giant airship that had a weapon equipped to it that could destroy everything. Suzaku and Lelouch infiltrated the ship, and Lelouch used his Geass on Schneizel to obey him. He then went to Nunally, who was holding the control to the FLEIA, the destructive weapon. Lelouch only knew one way to get the control from her, by using Geass, but he could never use it on Nunally. They talked and he realized it was the only way. "Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you, hand over the controls to FLEIA!" Nunally was helpless against the power of Geass and handed her brother the controls. When she snapped out of it, she asked if he used Geass on her. Lelouch just walked away. Nunally screamed at him and called him the devil. Lelouch then appeared on screens all over the world and said "Schneizel has fallen before me, I command Democles, and FLEIA is under my control. The Black Knights no longer have anymore power to stand against me. So, Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you, obey me WORLD!" After the battle, Suzaku was believed to be dead, and Lelouch was showing the public execution of the Black Knights. Everyone in the whole world said that he was a tyrant, and they hated him. As the execution was about to commence, Lelouch froze as he saw a figure at the end of the road. The figure was Zero. Everyone was stunned, because they thought Lelouch was Zero. Zero ran towards Lelouch. As the military was shooting at him, Zero was dodging all the bullets, and jumped onto Lelouch's throne. As Zero pulled out a sword, Lelouch was smiling and there was a flashback. It showed Lelouch and Suzaku talking. Lelouch said, "Suzaku, you shall kill me, as promised." Suzaku said, "Do absolutely want to do this?" Lelouch responded by saying, "All the hatred in the world is gathered on me as planned. Then, all you have to do is erase my existence, and put an end to this chain of hatred. Lelouch hands Suzaku the mask of Zero, and says, "The Black Knights will have the legend of Zero left behind for them. Schneizel will work for Zero. And now the world can be unified one table, not through military force, but through negotiation and talk. It can now embrace the future." Suzaku takes the Zero mask and says, "And that's, Zero Requiem." Lelouch answers by saying yes. "We understood it inside the World of Geass, that people desire the future," says Suzaku. Lelouch laughs and says, "Hey, Suzaku. Don't you think wishes are the same as Geass? Things that you can't accomplish with your own powers, you ask the assistance of others. Suzaku says, "Wishes.....?" Lelouch says, "Yes. I shall gamble on the Geass known as people's wishes....for the sake of the future. Only those that are prepared to fire should be fired at." As Zero, or Suzaku,prepares to stab Lelouch, all of the Black Knights realize what he was doing and what he had planned. They all yelled, and some turned away. The whole world was watching the death of Lelouch. Lelouch tells Suzaku that he will become a hero. He will become Zero, savior of the world, who rescued everyone from the enemy of the world, Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia. Suzaku then stabbed Lelouch. Under his mask Suzaku starts to cry and says Lelouch's name. Leloch tells Suzaku that this is also a punishment for him. He will be the defender of justiceand wear a mask forever. Lelouch take his hand off his wound and puts his bloody hand on Suzaku's mask, and says, "You will no longer be able to live as Suzaku Kururugi. You will sacrifice all of your own happiness for the world... eternally. Suzaku responds by saying, "I accept... that Geass." Suzaku pulls the sword out of Lelouch, and he falls next to his sister Nunally, who als o knows what he did. She starts to tell him that she loves him so much, and she can't live without him. Lelouch says, that he destroyed the world, and created a new one. Lelouch then dies. Nunally starts to scream, and people start to release the prisoners. Everyone runs out of hiding, and everyone is cheering for Zero, the hero of the world.

Zero stabbing Lelouch