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Kagome was a regular 15 year old high school student. She was very smart, and got good grades. She lived with her father, mother, little brother, and grandfather. Her grandfather believed in another world, of witchcraft and magic. There was well that Kagome's grandfather said lead to the other world. One night Kagome walked past the well, and she fell in. She was taken to the world her grandfather talked about. She walked through a forest, and stumbled into a white haired man, hanging from a tree by an arrow that was stuck in him. He was dead. Then an old lady came by and told her his name was Inuyasha, and that her sister shot him with that arrow many years ago. Then, a demon started to attack Kagome and the villagers. Kagome said they need to lead it back to the well. The old lady, named Kaede, asked herself, what did she just say? Normal people can't even see it. As Kagome went closer to Inuyasha, he awakened, and said he can smell the one who killed him. As Kagome came up to him, Inuyasha called her Kikyo, and that she was the one who killed him. Kagome fought with Inuyasha on how she wasn't Kikyo, and she didn't kill him. The demon soon came up and bit Kagome in the stomach, and a jewel came out of her. It was the Shikon Jewel the demon was looking for. The demon ate the jewel and turned into a monster. Inuyasha asked Kagome if she could pull out the arrow that was keeping him bound to the tree. Kaede told her to not let him free. Inuyasha asked Kikyo if she wanted to die, so Kagome pulled the arrow out and, Inuyasha was free. He quickly killed the demon, and retrieved the Shikon Jewel. After Inuyasha killed the demon, he told Kagome to hand over the Jewel, then he started to attack her, threatening to kill her. Kaede put a necklace over him, and Kagome said sit, and Inuyasha fell to the ground. Later, the Shikon Jewel broke into pieces. Inuyasha and Kagome are now on a quest to retrieve all the pieces of the Jewel, and restore it.




Inuyasha was sealed to the the tree by his first love, Kikyo. Inuyasha is a half-breed, half human and half demon. He wants the Shikon Jewel so he can become a full fledged demon. He met Kikyo by trying to take the shikon Jewel. Kikyo was the protector of the Jewel. As Inuyasha tried to take, they started to know each other, and fall in love. Kikyo said to Inuyasha one day, that she would use the Jewel to make him human. This was the opposite of what Inuyasha wanted, but he loved Kikyo so much that he went along with it. When Inuyasha went to meet Kikyo, so he could turn human, Kikyo began to attack him. She was yelling that he had tricked her, and that she was foolish to trust him. Inuyasha had kow idea what Kikyo was talking about, and couldn't fight her back, because he still loved her. Kikyo sealed Inuyasha to the tree, and later that night, told her sister, Kaede, that she would sacrfice herself, and the Jewel so know other demon could try to take it. She died with the Jewel. Inuyasha, on his travels with Kagome, learned that Kikyo was tricked, by an evil demon named Naraku, who also loved Kikyo. Naraku disguised himself as Inuyasha and attacked Kikyo, acting as if Inuyasha never loved her, and just wanted the Jewel for himself. Inuyasha now wants to hunt down, and kill Naraku for his trickery.


Kagome Higurashi
Kagome was a nice and kind high school girl. She does not know where this new world is, or what it is. Kagome presence revived Inuyasha from the tree he was bound to by Kikyo's arrow. That is because Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo. When the demon bit Kagome's stomach, the Shikon Jewel came out. When Kikyo died with the Jewel, it was reincarnated with Kagome. Kaede told her that she is now the new protector of the Jewel. Kagome, while not as strong as Kikyo, has most of her powers. Kikyo was a master of the bow and arrow, and could destroy demons with one purifying arrow. Kagome, when determined to save her friends in a time of need, can shoot these purifying arrows, one time almost killing Naraku. Kagome also has the power to see, and spot, Shikon Fragments inside some demons, which
makes her handy on their journey. Kagome, although she may not admit it, has feelings fo Inuyasha, and gets frustrated when he talks about Kikyo, but she is also very understanding. Inuyasha also shows that he has some feelings for Kagome. Kagome can travel back and forth from her world to Inuyasha's world. People think it's suspicious that she is gone, and no one sees her. Her grandfather tell her friends, and people who ask, that she has one illness after the other. Even Kagome thinks his excuses are ridiculous. Kagome will continue to work with Inuyasha until all of the Shikon Fragments are returned, and Naraku is put in his place.



Miroku is a monk that was traveling from village to village, performing exorcisms on unfortunate people that have demons in them. Miroku is kind of a womanizer. Every woman he meets, he asks if she would bear his child. He even asked this of Kagome when they first met, and Inuyasha didn't take kindly to that. Miroku is cursed with a power that was passed down from his father. A wind tunnel in his right hand, that if uncovered, will suck up anything in it's path. This curse was

Miroku using his Wind Tunnel
given to his father by none other than Naraku. If Naraku is not destroyed in time, the wind tunnel will suck up Miroku, and kill him, just like his father. Miroku now travels with Inuyasha and Kagome in their search for the Shikon Fragments. He is very loyal, and now a good friend to Inuyasha and Kagome. Miroku will not rest until Naraku is dead, and he rids himself of the wind tunnel forever.


Sango is a beautiful woman that once lived with her family in their village. Her family was known as the demon exterminators. They were a family that people hired to exterminate demons that were tormenting them. One day Sango, her father, her little brother, and two other members went to deal with a demon that they were hired to get rid of by a ruler of a castle. This was the first time Sango's little brother, Kohaku, was going to help to exterminate a demon. When they encountered the demon, it was very
Sango in her Demon Extermintor uniform
powerful, but then the ruler of the castle shot a spider at Kohaku, that caused him to attack his own family. He killed his father, and the others, but Sango killed the castle ruler, and Kohaku came back. The guards of the ruler saw what Sango did, and shot them with arrows. Kohaku was killed. When Sango woke up, she overheard that her village had been destroyed, with everyone in it. The real castle ruler was talking to Naraku, and Naraku told him tha Inuyasha had done it. Sango heard, and told Naraku to bring her to Inuyasha. He did, but during the battle, Inuyasha and the others convinced her Naraku was lying, and that he was the one who destroyed her village. Later, Naraku showed them that he kept Kohaku alive, and that he was under his control. Sango now travels with Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku, in order to save her little brother. Throughout their journey, Sango starts to develop feeling for Miroku. At the beginning, she was annoyed at how he was always touching her, but later starts to get jealous when he flirts with other girls.