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Naruto is the story of a 12 year old boy, who lives in a world of ninjas. These ninjas train and work hard to gain ranks and protect their village and country. Naruto works hard to get stronger and one day, become the highest ranking ninja in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the Hokage.


One day, a Nine-tailed Fox attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. the ninjas of the village tried desperately to stop it and it's

Nine-tailed Fox

rampage, but it was no use. Only one ninja in the village was strong enough to put an end to the demon. This ninja's name was the Fourth Hokage. The Hokage sealed the Nine- tailed Fox demon into the body of a newborn baby, sacrificing his own life. The newborn child's name was Naruto Uzumaki.


The story of Naruto begins 12 years after the Nine-tailed Fox's attack and Naruto is now 12 years old. He seems to be a trouble maker now and he has vandalized the Hokage stone face monument. After he is caught by his ninja academy teacher, Iruka Umino, who he calls Iruka sensei, Naruto tells him that he did it because he is going to be the greatest Hokage ever. Then the whole village will start to treat him like he's somebody, instead of looking down on him.

Squad 7

Squad 7, Naruto (right), Sasuke (left), Sakura (center), Kakashi (top)

Naruto graduates from the Ninja Academy soon after and becomes a ninja. Ninja graduates are placed into squads of four, consisting of three graduates and one elite ninja, that they call sensei. Naruto is put in squad 7, along with Sasuke Uchiha, who Naruto hates, and Sakura Haruno, who Naruto likes, but she doesn't like Naruto, she has a thing for Sasuke. Their ninja sensei is Kakashi Hatake, who, for the first impression, doesn't seem to be a qualified elite ninja. Kakashi tells the three that there will be a test, to see if they are qualified to become ninja. The test is simple take two bells from Kakashi and they can become ninja. Saskura and Sasuke cleverly hide in the bushes and trees to sneak up on Kakashi, but Naruto just challenges Kakashi, and fails. When Naruto tries to cheat the test, by eating, he is tied to a tree and Sasuke and sakura get to have lunch. Kakashi says if they try to feed Naruto they all fail. Sasuke, being the smart one, says that they need Naruto to have energy if they all are going to get a bell from Kakashi, so they fed Naruto when Kakashi isn't looking, but Kakashi catches them and to their surprise, he declares them the first graduates ever to pass his test. He says that the most basic rule to a ninja is teamwork. He said that they demonstrated teamwork by feeding Naruto, even though he said that they would all fail, so Naruto wouldn't fall behind and have just as much energy as they would. Kakashi ended the test by giving a thumbs up and telling them Squad 7 starts it's first mission the day after.


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a twelve year old boy who wants to be the strongest ninja ever. When he was young, everyone in the village looked down on him
Naruto Uzumaki
, because the Nine-tailed demon fox that attacked the village was sealed inside him. When Naruto became a ninja, he was assigned to squad 7, with Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake, as the sensei. Naruto hated Sasuke, but loved Sakura, and hated that she loved Sasuke, but hated him. As squad 7 started missions, Sasuke was showing Naruto up, always doing better, but when the Chunin Exams came Naruto proved himself by passing a test, surviving the Forest of Death, and beating Kiba Inuzuka in the preliminaries, making it to the final round. It Naruto vs. Neji Hyuga, a ninja that was considered a genius, and the top ninja graduate from last year. Neji seemed to be beating Naruto to a pulp, but Naruto turned the tables and beat Neji, to everyone's surprise. During the final round everyone anticipated the fight, Sasuke vs. Gaara, a mysterious and demonic ninja from the Sand Village, Sasuke arrived, and during the fight, Gaara turned into a demon, the same type of demon as Naruto has inside him. Then sand and Sound ninja started to attack the Leaf Village. Gaara was there ace in the hole. Sasuke chased Gaara and Naruto, Sakura, and their friend Shikamaru, chased Sasuke. Sasuke was losing to Gaara and Naruto came and summoned a giant toad which fought and beat Gaara. Naruto saved the village. As time went by everyone was starting to respect Naruto more, and more.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is a skilled, young ninja. He was the top student that graduated from the academy and he is Naruto's rival. Sasuke's past is not one
Sasuke Uchiha
he would like to remember. His father was so proud of his brother, Itachi, that he always said to be more like him, but things were gradually changing. Sasuke tried so hard to get his father's praise, and one day he did, and his father told him to never be like his brother. One day when Sasuke came from school, everyone in his clan was killed. he went to his house, and saw his brother standing there, above his dead parents. Itachi said he killed them to gain power, and told Sasuke to live to kill him, live by his hatred, and live for revenge. Sasuke's goal in life is to kill his brother, Itachi, and avenge his family, by any means necessary.

Naruto vs. Sasuke, the Hospital
Naruto using Rasengan

As Squad 7 progressed in missions, Sasuke was realizing something, Naruto was becoming stronger than he was. How could he ever avenge his family if people like Naruto were stronger than him. During the Forest of Death in the Chunin exams, a rouge ninja named, Orochimaru, put a curse mark on Sasuke's neck. When Sasuke uses too much chakra the curse mark grows and hurts him. After a mission put Sasuke in the hospital, he
Sasuke using Chidori
challenged Naruto to a battle, on the roof of the hospital. It was what Naruto has always wanted, a battle against his rival, and who has grown to be his best friend. They were evenly matched, and they decided that they would finish the match with their most powerful jutsu, Naruto had Rasengan, and Sasuke had his Chidori. Right before

the two jutsu were about to clash, Kakashi stepped in and threw them both into water towers. Sasuke noticed that Naruto's Rasengan made a bigger dent in the tower, which enraged him more.

Naruto vs. Sasuke, hosptal battle

Naruto vs. Sasuke, the Final Valley

After Sasuke and Naruto's battle, four of Orochimaru's henchmen went to Sasuke, and told him that Orochimaru wanted him. Sasuke refused, but after they fought, Sasuke saw how the curse mark gave them power, power he needed in order to kill his brother, Itachi. Sasuke decided to go to them only to find Sakura waiting. She begged Sasuke to stay, confessing her love for him in the process. Sasuke thanked her for everything and said that her and Naruto became his family. He then knocked her out and left. The Hokage found out about Orochimaru's plan and told Shikamaru to round up some of the most talented Genin to go retrieve Sasuke. The team consisted of, himself, Naruto, Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuga, and Shikamaru's best friend, Choji Akimichi. As they progressed in the mission, the team each fought against one of the ninja that was taking Sasuke. They all won their battle nearly killing themselves in the process. They all sacrificed themselves so Naruto could get Sasuke, his best friend to come back to the Leaf Village. Naruto cau
The Final Valley
ght up to Sasuke at the Final Valley. Naruto desperatley tried to talk Sasuke into not following Orochimaru, but Sasuke said this was in order for him to achieve his goal. After Sasuke remembers how his family used to be, and how Itachi betrayed the village, Naruto realized Sasuke was dead serious about leaving the village, and killing him. They began to fight, but this was much more intense than at he hospital, Sasuke was more determined to win this battle. Naruto was becoming quickly outmatched, but when Naruto unleashed some of his Nine-tailed Fox chakra, the tables quickly turned. It now seemed Sasuke was
Naruto in Nine-tailed Fox mode
no match for Naruto. Sasuke was determined to win, so his Sharingan Eye, that was passed down in the Uchiha Clan, grew stronger. He could now see Naruto's movements, even with the Nine-tails' chakra leaking out. Then with all of his might Sasuke used a fire jutsu that almost killed Naruto. Naruto was shocked and Sasuke, without looking at him, grabbed Naruto and jumped off the cliff and smashed Naruto's head on the ground, and killed him. As Sasuke was lying on the ground, still shocked that he just killed his best friend, the Nine-taled Fox inside Naruto, told him that he would save his life, only to save himself. As Sasuke finally got up, he saw Naruto also stand up, but Naruto unleashed a wave of incredible chakra, that overwhelmed Sasuke. The Nine-tailed Fox revived Naruto
Curse Mark Sasuke's Chidori
and gave him more of is power, more than Naruto has ever had. Sasuke realized that was the demon living inside Naruto, why so many people looked down on him, the thing that attacked the leaf village thirteen years ago. Naruto moved, and was faster than he had ever been before. The moment he made contact with Sasuke, Naruto beat him to a pulp. He said he would break every bone in Sasuke's body if he had to, but he was bringing him back to the Leaf Village. Sasuke, being actually terrified of Naruto at that moment, realized he had to gain more power, so he let his
Naruto Nine-tails' Rasengan
curse mark take over his body. He grew wings, and his hair grew, along with his skin changing color. He activated his Chidori, which turned black, and Naruto activated his Rasengan, which turned purple. Naruto leapt form the ground into the air. Sasuke jumped and flew with his wings from the ground. They were aiming right for each other. Best friends will settle their battle with one last attack. When they both collided the Rasengan and the Chidori, there was a massive explosion, an dafter it settled, a black orb formed around Naruto and Sasuke. They were floating inside and were just staring at each other. They imagined themselves as kids and locked fingers with each other. The orb disappeared, and it was starting to raining. Naruto was laying on the floor, knocked out cold, while Sasuke stood above him. He just stared at Naruto with content, and he left Naruto, and went to Orochimaru. Naruto now has a different goal in life. To rescue his best friend Sasuke Uchiha, and bring him back to his home, the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Naruto vs. Sasuke, the final valley